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As above, so below…

been a long time coming, but finally decided on a theme and converting over to it. updating here and there as needed.

hope y’all like it!! :)




latest in my world of artistic endeavoring – the marker colors came out a bit off on the photo, but I’m just not the best photographer.     


The State of Daphne

or what’s going on of late…. all is well on the relationship front — Frank and I are officially engaged! this makes us both extremely happy. for the curious, no date as of yet. I’m sure we’ll figure it out at some point. *grin* now that the weather is finally getting to the point where […]


a new year…

begins…with new love, a more determined attitude, a renewed feeling of hope, and a sense of inner peace and joy. neither past nor future exist; there is only the Present Moment. look. listen. enjoy.~~~


Things I’d Rather Do Than Go To Work

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so interested in creative endeavors. I mean, they take time. They take thought, intuition, inspiration and imagination. Did I mention they take time? Oh yeah, and m-o-n-e-y. Of course, being as perpetually broke as I am these days given that I get paid crap for my job and the schedule […]

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from all the recent stress. finally! not to say that everything is perfect, not by any means. I’m still looking for full-time work, since my financial situations totally sucks and now I have to get a car somehow. I still worry about my son’s recovery. One major good thing is that I stopped drinking alcohol […]


Life goes on…

My mother finally got out of the hospital even though she was still very weak and the doctors never did discover what was wrong. Its been a couple of weeks now and though she’s feeling better and getting stronger its still an ongoing recovery process. Still, it was a very scary and worrisome time for […]


does it ever become easier?

my Mom is in the hospital, having had her taken there by ambulance a couple of days ago. She’s very weak, in a lot of pain. The doctors, so far, have not given a reason for her illness. Tests, blood work, an IV for fluids, a liquid diet…still, no answer. She’s not young, at age […]


beauty and loss…

at some point they become some twisted meld of an alloy. and you don’t even know what you feel about either. you flounder, you dream of something better, you despair of the better ever entering your life. in dark shadows you will to die. in golden light you glory in life. and in between you […]


the three baby herons…

hanging out this morning in the tree above my house. at first I thought they were Black-crowned Night Herons, but they’re Yellow-crowned Night herons. hopefully, they’ll be flying off soon to new homes because they’re dirtying my roof pretty badly.  



from my blog at BardicWeb ~ A year has passed since hubby’s death. I’m not sure I can say its been a “good” year. Too many negative events occurred in that time and so few positive events to offset them. Loss of spouse and best friend, loss of our home, loss of our cat, family […]