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End of the Hiatus


Life’s been rather on the nutty side of late, so my attempt to workout has been totally, massively de-railed. Boo! Sob!

Another trip out of town, mega web design and business projects, writing, allowing a torn muscle to heal, and other health issues are the culprits. I’m feeling better on the hormonal front, which is a wonderful thing. Not feeling so wornout, moody or blue. Oh, and less night sweats, too! Yay!

I’m still eating fairly well (love the breakfast Kashi cereals!), taking my daily supplements, getting enough sleep (with a few sporadic and minor interruptions), drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day…just gotta get back into the working out part. Going to do a workout today and see how I feel. The torn muscle in my upper arm is a real p-i-t-a! *keeps fingers crossed*

Tip Of the Week ~ Stressed out? Try a calming snack of celery or carrots. Both have tryptophan, which is an amino acid that your body converts to calming serotonin. Not to mention the crunchy chewing eases tension in your jaw.

Enjoy the day and stay peaceful!

p.s. I’ve begun the creation of my modified workout schedule, now just to feel well enough and make the time to follow it!!!!!

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